Point of Sale Material

what is point of sale (pos) material?

Point of Sale (POS) material  is a very powerful marketing tool. It is an effective way to draw the customer’s attention to specific products and brands.  Choosing the right POS materials for your business can effortlessly help you elevate your business to the next level.  For instance, we specialize in:

  • Visual retail marketing
  • Large format printing
  • In-store communication

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‘Innovationcreativity and effectiveness’ 

These words are our core values. That is what we stand for, and that is how we are able to achieve success, together with you. Your Point of Sale is there for you; we like to think along with you, every step along the way, from start to finish. 

Our office is based in Amsterdam. The majority of our printing facilities are also present here, which allows for a very flexible and reliable production process.  

Next to this, we proudly work together with partners all over the world to ensure you with the best service we can provide


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Together with you, we will explore the possibilities and come up with a solution, fully tailored to your needs.


We can take care of the design and production of your desired point of sale materials. We will either produce it in our own factory in Amsterdam, or with partners all across Europe.
Your convenience is our priority.


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If you wish, we are happy to deliver and set up your POS materials on location. Our staff will not leave until you are fully satisfied with the results.

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